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“Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” - Hebrews 12:1

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We started out this year again with an awesome week at the International Cowboys Ministers Conference (ICMC). This time, in Tombstone, AZ. Bruce and I joined the praise & worship team again this year and had a blast! It’s great to be able to just focus on the Lord and what He’s doing in a “No Ego Zone!” All the musicians and singers flowed together. Everyone was encouraged to do their best and have fun.  God is SO cool!

ICMC Conference and Tombstone Livery Stable

After the Conference it was time to hit the trail!...which Nocona and I promptly did with our new found friend, Alden, and her horse, Larry. We explored the San Pedro River, scouted around ruins, found Indian petroglyphs and pictographs and pondered the many outlaws, in-laws and various assortment of folk that passed through those hills. It was also highly interesting to read the trail sign left by the Illegal Aliens crossing into our country. This is a very busy route for Illegals! We found various articles of clothing, blankets, etc. left in a tree or other strategic place as sign to turn a certain way….even big arrows with words pointing the way down a particular path (that was bold!).

I was glad the Lord rides with us as we noticed a truck moving slowly next to an old railroad berm. The men watched us intently, trying to figure out who we were. My whole being went on alert. I lifted my hand in acknowledgement, then pretended to look straight ahead, all the while eyeing a hill next to us and scouting an escape route. Gratefully, they saw us as no threat and moved on, leaving us alone. As I sat my horse, calming the “willies” in my stomach, I had a suspicion that they were either carrying Illegals or drugs under a tarp that covered the back of their truck. Those suspicions were confirmed when we chatted with a Border Patrol Agent and found out that was the very truck he tried to chase down after we had seen it. Yippee!

Tombstone, Arizona